As old as Lakewood, Arvada is not nearly so popular with the younger, more fashionable crowd, and the people who live there like that just fine. Time feels like it runs slower here, though it obviously has some effect. Battered by sun and rain and snow, paint starts peeling off of the siding of the small wood houses almost as soon as it's dry. Nearly every home features at least one window air conditioner; central air wasn't an option when they were built. All of them have had their vanes bent by young vandals daring each other to write obscenities into them.

Even here, though, the times have taken their toll. Unable to compete with the big box stores, the hardware stores and bookshops and appliance stores have mostly closed up. Sheets of plywood cover some windows; others still wear the "Going out of Business!" messages painted across them. Doctors and dentists have moved their practices, though the attorneys and accountants have stayed. With most of their customers gone, even the restaurants in the area are struggling. Except for the ubiquitous Starbucks stores. While not as plentiful as in other parts of the city, they're still around, and always have at least a few customers.

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