Bete Accepted Concepts

Here's a list of the current open slots in the bete sphere. All bete PCs are considered 'features' because their numbers are limited on grid:


  • Bastet: All tribes considered, provided you offer a good reason why this cat is in Denver. A pride of cheetahs, or lions bound to a totem is especially desirable.
  • Corax: We have an opening for up to 3 corax. They should plan to work as couriers between Garou and Fera, and spies for both groups.
  • Gurahl: Any tribe. We will have an opening for up to 5.
  • Ratkin: We want ratkin oriented to work together in a nest.

These will be accepted, provided they come with a good reason for being in Denver, a reason that will get the character motivated to interact with those already here who are of other races. General drifting isn't really one of those reasons, but fear not, we have plenty of story hooks for the prospective applicant to use.

Breeds and auspices

All breeds and auspices (pryios, paths, call them what you will) are being accepted, with the usual disclaimer on non-homid breeds. Those who are apping born animals must show good understanding of that animal's lifestyle and instincts, as well as due respect for learning the technology and social mores of human behaviour.


Rank is restricted to 1 or 2.

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