There are two rental housing units on the grid: Englewood Townhouses in Englewood and The Terrace Apartments in Aurora. It takes a minimum Resources of 2 to rent a unit at either of these places. Additional rental housing may be made available if there are a sufficient number of requests and/or these places fill up.

For building your own house, the minimum resources to be able to afford a house in each neighborhood is as follows:

Downtown Denver 3
Aurora 2
Cherry Hills 3
Englewood 1
Lakewood 2
Arvada 2
Westminster 2
Thornton 1
Northglen 2
Commerce City 1

PCs may pool resources for the purpose of determining if they can afford a home in a given area. Because the scale of the Resources stat isn't linear, your total pooled resources must be at least the minimum value for that neighborhood + 1. Other housing arrangements such as multi-family houses continaing multiple apartments may be possible as well.

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