Callahan's Crosstime Saloon



This traditional Irish pub is decorated in green baize and mahogany, with tall chairs upholstered in green felt in lieu of barstools, brass lamps and other fixtures, and a red-and-yellow stained glass arch across from the fireplace and below a Roman-numeral wall clock. The walls are mostly filled up with pictures of locals making merry; the floor is Penrose-tiled in warm colors, almost but not quite repeating, with round tables and shorter chairs for those wanting some food with their drink, and a couple of pool tables toward the back.

Beamish, Harp, Kilkenny, Murphy's, and Smithwick's are available on tap. Old Bushmills, Jameson, and many other varieties of higher proof sit on shelves behind the bar, or hang from a series of ceiling racks mounted on an inverted lazy susan. Regardless, every drink in the place costs four bucks (Time Travellers Strictly Cash, says a cardboard sign taped to the cash register). You put a five on the bar, drink your drink, and either gather your dollar in change from the cigar box - or make a toast and smash your glass into the fireplace, which gets swept out daily. Most choose to smash their glass.


Monday Fireside Fill-More Sing-a-Long
Tuesday Punday
Wednesday Tall Tales Night



Rumor has it that Shane also has some experience in this area.

Tellers of shaggy dogs

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