Changeling Applications

To apply for a changeling PC, first read the relevant history/setting news as well as all the changeling application information. Once you have done that and come up with a concept you feel is a good fit, run it by changeling staff via @mail or page. When you have a green light for your concept, set your BG using the +bg code and @mail stats to the staffer who approved the concept. If you're not sure who to contact, @mail Agatha Heterodyne (AH). You will probably get questions about various details; this is not a bad sign. Once your BG and stats have been approved, fae staff will set your stats. You can set your @desc, fae desc, and so on, and hit the grid!

Some general thoughts on what we are looking for:

Most important, the PC needs to generally get along with others in the sphere. Game staff and the fae players have made clear their preference for cooperative, troupe-style play. Concepts that are loners or not inclined to get along will probably not fit in well and may not be approved. Concepts that are likely to be antagonistic won't be approved.

There is an established and ICly respected set of PC nobility here which rules the IC realm. Anti-noble concepts will probably not work well.

No one may apply directly in to leadership roles within the IC realm. If you want to be a freehold guardian/local leader/whatever, you must earn it through RP. Ditto for various secret societies and so on. You may not app in as a Crystal Circle apprentice or a Red Branch knight, but it can be a goal for your PC to join such organizations.

Your background needs to hit all the important parts of the character's life to date: childhood, Chrysalis, life among the fae as well as in the mortal world, and why the character is coming to Denver. It is quality, not quantity, that matters. I don't need a book if you can explain it in a page or two. In addition to that information, successful apps will show that the player has a decent grasp of Changeling, familiarity with the Mile Altus setting, and can write in grammatically correct English. This is a text-based medium; if you can't spell or use standard grammar it's not the place for you.

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