From the Anchor that was Summergold, Changelings started to explore the new changes to the Near Dreaming. The area around Summergold was prime ground for the Haarigerzahn (called locally "land piranhas") to move in. Their ability to smell blood and mob whatever was bleeding to eat it in small chunks led to a number of Kithain wanting to learn the use of weapons.

The discovery of the Aspen Woods and the hidden trod links led to a need for Dream Crafters. With groups of Kithain going out and using Dream Craft to find the trod while another cast Anchor upon the hidden or obscured links, it only took weeks of time for the Kithain to eventually find their way through the Maze that was the Woods.

The Soothsayers were still attempting to find Winterhaven, and though the Omens said it might still exist, it was cloaked in some manner that left it impossible to find directly. Since its Trods had been cut, if there was a new Trod to Winterhaven, it would have been created by the chaos of the Dreaming, and therefore not necessarily meant to be found.

Still, the explorations continued. The Rath at Primrose House was again opened, though the Balefire had not be recovered. And the Lodge was once again available for Changelings to meet in even though the forests around it were still uncharted.

Beyond the maze that was the Aspen Woods, the Kithain found an Ancient Forest. It didn't have as great a difficulty with the Trods but was large enough to create a barrier of just plain time. It takes perhaps half a day to traverse. The Kithain suspect that Ents or Dryads may live in this Ancient Forest, though none have yet allowed themselves to be found. Perhaps because only a couple Kithain have left the Trod and returned.

Once the barrier of the Forest was behind them, a group of Kithain got lost for three days in the Vale of the Fireflies. A massive Trod Nexus, only three of the Trods have been identified. Dozens are still unknown or are false, leading to traps.

Eventually, the information was found how to safely traverse the Vale, and then the great mountain that holds Winterhaven was discovered. Upon a Winter Solstice night, when all the Omens led the Kithain to believe it was their last chance to find it, a group arrived at Winterhaven just in time to find the avatar of the Hold in a great battle with Worgs and Wyverns. Kithain who were there can tell more detail, but rumours are that it was an epic battle.

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