Changeling Setting

This game is set in the County of Golden Twilight and Radiant Dawn, a fiefdom in the Kingdom of Grass. It is currently run by the Count and Countess Roderic and Melissa of House Gwydion. Their liege is Margrave Conall Athayde, also of Gwydion, who is in turn Oathed to Queen Mary-Elizabeth.

This game is focused on the county itself. Most if not all plots will be centered there; though there is an outside world, the scope of activity in the game will rarely include other fiefdoms. This is not to say that the Margrave and other outside nobility are unavailable. They are and can be contacted when desired. However, focus will remain on the county.

For this reason among others we are not currently using White Wolf's big Changeling plot. High King David is where he belongs at Tara Nar. There has not been, nor is there any immediate risk of, war between the kingdoms.

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