Changeling Sourcebooks

We will not be using:

  • Kinain: The Enchanted
  • Denizens of the Dreaming
  • Land of Eight Million Dreams
  • War in Concordia

We plan to have Crafting rules that will replace everything related to crafting in the main rule book, Dreams and Nightmares, Kithbook: Nocker, and in any other sources that discuss crafting.

We are using the definition of Dreamcraft from Dreams and Nightmares, not The Shining Host. We are using Chronos, Pyretics, Metamorphosis, and the rest of the Arts from Changeling sources, but no home-grown ones.

Merits, flaws, and skills from the Kithbooks will be available. PCs may reference groups, societies, etc. from the kithbooks, but it is unlikely that those groups will be appearing often in-game.

Material from all other sources will be used or not at the discretion of Fae Staff depending on how well it fits in with the setting, plot needs, and overall vision of How The Universe Works for this game. If you have questions about something specific, please ask.

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