Cherry Hills Village

Definitely an upscale, white-collar neighborhood, Cherry Hills is the place where folks with nice jobs go to buy houses just a little bigger than they can afford when it comes time to start a family. The population is overwhelmingly white, with people whose ancestors came from south and southeast Asia sprinkled in. Enough Indian families have moved in to cause most of an intersection's strip malls to be comprised of Indian video shops, clothing shops, restaurants, and a supermarket.

The homes here are rather nice, in named, one-entrance tracts where the builders had more than three models to put in, and a lot of 'custom' options. Still, there's a subliminal impression of sameness to the whole area. There are plenty of amenities too, with a big new mall out by the county line, surrounded by a rash of upper-tier national chain restaurants. In among the houses, strip malls offer every imaginable service: day caremake that early learningcenters, organic supermarkets, financial advice, banks, a whole lot of churches that look a lot like banks. If they didn't have to work, most of the residents of Cherry Hills wouldn't ever have to leave. SUVs and entry-level BMWs and Mercedes crowd the streets, especially during rush hour.

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