The air here seems to be a perpetual state of grey coming from the numerous smokestacks which dot the skyline throughout this part of Denver. This place wreaks of almost 80 years of industry and the smoke and ash from the stacks seems to have seeped into every brick and stone in the entire area. Traffic in the area is primarily large dump trucks and tractor-trailers, very few personal automobiles are seen and even then they seem to skitter through quickly as though afraid of their larger cousins. The businesses in the area cater to the workers in the factories. Most are mom and pop restaurants that provide a quick and semi-nutritious meal for low cost. The other businesses seem to include hardware stores and mechanic shops for fixing trucks. Few people seem to live in the area, residing primarily in apartments located above the businesses, rising several stories above the street.

The people in the area seem just as depressed and sad as the city they work in. There doesn't seem to be any room for happiness or joy, the depression of the ozone filled air repressing any real emotion. Those that choose to live here almost seem robotic, not really acknowledging others in a desire to remain out of any trouble. Crime is a way of life in this area, and it can be seen on almost every corner and in every dark alley. This is not the kind of place you travel through in the night if you can help it.

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