Garou Accepted Concepts

Okay, below is a list of what's currently being accepted for the Garou part of this sphere.


Definately Want

  • Fianna
  • Silver Fangs
  • Black Furies

These are the current 'controlling' tribes of the local sept, and so primary slots are granted to these tribes. The more the merrier!

Will Accept

  • Children of Gaia
  • Glass Walkers
  • Uktena
  • Bone Gnawers

These tribes are welcome, and have some representation in the sept. However, they are currently not the controlling tribes. They will be accepted provided they come with a good reason for being in Denver, a reason that will get the character motivated to interact with those already here who are of other Tribes. General drifting isn't really one of those reasons, but fear not, we have plenty of story hooks for the prospective applicant to use.

Auspices and Breeds

All Auspices and Breeds are open, with the following disclaimers. Lupus apps must show a good understanding of lupine behaviour and instincts. Metis apps must likewise show a thorough understanding of the place Metis have in Garou society - players are warned that being Metis is inviting punishment from other characters, and should expect that. Apps where Metis are glorified or treated as equals in Garou society will be rejected, as will apps where Lupus are immediately familiar with all things human.


Rank is restricted to 1 or 2, unless you are applying for a feature slot.

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