Garou Applications

Miles Altus is an application-only mush, and as such the first step is to @mail or page your basic concept idea to Poison Ivy.

Once this has been given the go-ahead, you will then be asked to submit a full background, either by @mail, email or by setting it on your character bit using the +bg commands (+help +bg). This should answer at least the following questions:

  • Where is your character from, and what are their family like?
  • How did they find schooling and socialising with other kids?
  • Anything interesting happen during puberty?
  • How did they First Change? (Garou)
  • How did they find out about the Garou Nation? (Kin).
  • Were they a quick study? Slow to adapt? Useful to their Sept?
  • What happened on their Rite of Passage? (Garou)
  • How did they get their Deed Name? (Garou, if other than through RoP)
  • What have they done since then?
  • Why are they coming to Denver?
  • What reason do they have to stay in Denver?
  • How does your pc react to his conflicted position in the world?

In addition, the background should justify any particularly high or low stats, as well as explaining backgrounds such as Fetish, Allies/Contacts, Resources and so on. Along with this should be sent the complete set of stats for the character, with indication of where freebie points have been spent for easy checking.

Once the background is accepted, the following things need to be set upon your character bit:

  • Descs for all applicable forms. See +setup for help on this.
  • Finger information for all applicable forms. Also in +setup.
  • Auras. +help aura for information.
  • Info. +help info. (The mandatory fields are info_general, info_garou and info_<tribe>.)

Once all of this is ready, and any revisions have been made to either stats or background, you should be good to go. The process in its ideal form should be complete within a week of the initial application, assuming responses from the applicant are prompt.

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