Garou New Character Setup

The first thing a good Garou needs to do is set up descriptions for all five of his or her forms. This is done by setting the prop &desc-<form> me=<desc>. The five forms names are Homid, Glabro, Crinos, Hispo and Lupus. It is suggested that in the Homid and Glabro descs you stick to clothing that has been dedicated, and use a multidescer for other non-dedicated clothing.

Example: Big Joe wants his Hispo form to read "A big ol' wolf the size of a mac truck". He would input the following - &desc-hispo me=A big ol' wolf the size of a mac truck.

Next, there's the matter of +finger information. That can change with form too, and it's usually a good idea to do so to protect your OOC masque when you're shifting forms. It's done in a similar manner to descing, by setting &<thing to change>-<form> me=<text>. The things that can change are Fullname, Age, Appage, Shortdesc, Position, Song, Quote and Plan.

Example: Big Joe's quote in Homid is "Don't reckon much of that science stuff", but in Crinos is "Kill 'em all and maim the rest!". He would set &quote-homid me=Don't reckon much of that science stuff and &quote-crinos me=Kill 'em all and maim the rest!

Auras are also important to set up, +help aura can help there.

The last thing all applicants need to set, be they Garou or Kin, is +info. The mandatory fields are &info_General, &info_Garou and &info_<tribe> for both. Kin will not be able to see the info_Garou field, but it is important to set for the walking carpets to read. +help +info gives a full explanation.

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