Though Awareness is sometimes a restricted ability, if someone has good IC justification to learn it and an IC teacher, they will be allowed to make a case to their Sphere Wizard for an XP spend. It does allow for the sensing of supernatural occurrences/events within line of sight of the character.

Awareness is considered a "receiver" type ability, and so someone watching the character using it can not tell that Awareness is being used. This ability will require that you have actual Lore in the target to interpret the results you get. A character, using Awareness, might sense that a Garou used a magical ability where it could be sensed, but without Garou Lore, it would just be "Something supernatural." Three or more successes might tell you the source, but without the Lore knowledge to interpret what you sense, lots more successes won't do anything for you to discern more details. The world is full of supernatural things that a Hermetic could spend many lifetimes categorizing; unless you have the Lore, it's just one of those strange things that there are infinite variety of in the Multi-verse.

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