Banality is a constant oppressive force in the world. It's what makes you go to work day after day so you can afford a nice apartment and Ikea furniture. It's what makes you care about Dockers and Must See TV. It's why you wait in line politely at the DMV. It's everything you do without thinking, just because you're supposed to. It's insiduous and all but impossible to escape, even for people who are more than human. As such, we are not using the banality scores for non-fae races listed in the sources, which are rather low. We are using the following banalities by race/type:

Race/Type Banality
Mortal 7
Mortal+ (including kinfolk) 6
Mage (Order of Hermes, Virtual Adepts) 7
Mage (all other Traditions) 6
Mage (Technocrat) 8
Shifter (Glass Walker) 7
Shifter (all others) 6

Banality is also dependent on a character's background and personality. If you think your character's banality should differ from the default value, feel free to contact fae staff to make your case. To ask for a lower banality, be prepared to give examples of how your character rejects the 'status quo' lifestyle on a daily basis. Non-fae staff and fae players may ask staff to change the banality of a person whose background justifies it or who consistently RPs differently than their score.

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