Faerie Affinity

Fae staff here at Mile Altus feels that if you want to play a PC that is closely involved with the fae, you are best off applying for a Changeling PC. As such, it is exceedingly unlikely that applications with the Faerie Affinity merit will be approved by Fae staff. Requests to get the merit through the course of RP will be scrutinized and are not real likely to be approved, either.

Should a PC manage to gain this merit, the IC benefits are three-fold. Changelings will sense something interesting, even appealing, about the character (to be reflected in +info), and with a successful Kenning roll (diff 7) the changeling will recognize that it comes from an Oathbond between the PC and the fae. Second, changelings should treat a character with Faerie Affinity reasonably politely and avoid hostile action towards them — few and far between are the changelings who would knowingly break an Oathbond. The last is a double-edged sword; while changelings are required to fulfill the terms of the particular Oath behind the merit, the character with the merit is also expected to uphold his/her end of the bargain.

On this game, Faerie Affinity does NOT grant the ability to see fae seemings, immunity from cantrips, or any of that.

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