Kenning is an ability possessed by Changelings that allows them to sense and gain information about the Glamour around them. Those who are particularly skilled or sensitive have occasionally been able to sense non or barely Glamourous magics with Kenning, as well.

Awareness is an ability that is theoretically available to anybody. It allows people who have it to sense many varieties of the weirdness that exists in the World of Darkness.

Only Changelings may learn Kenning; no other group is sufficiently tuned in to the Glamourous world. With sufficient justification, Changelings may also learn Awareness.

In game terms, Kenning is always used when sensing Glamourous things: arts, chimera, Glamour itself, and so on. Kenning is also used for non-fae effects that touch deeply on the Glamourous world. For instance, if a Mage is casting an effect that requires them to use Fae Lore, it counts as a Glamourous effect and can be sensed with Kenning.

For sensing non-Glamourous things (gifts, disciplines, most mage effects, etc.), a Changeling may use either Kenning or Awareness, but the difficultly will generally be higher with Kenning because it is a Glamour sense, not a general supernatural sense.

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