Cross-Sphere House Rules

These house rules apply to multiple supernatural spheres.

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If you see a special aura, you ICly know it's something unusual. However, to ICly know what specific type of unusual thing it represents, you must meet one of the following qualifications:

  1. The aura represents your own kind.
  2. You have at least 3 dots in the appropriate Lore.
  3. The target does something reasonably obvious (e.g. shifts to Garou form).
  4. If you see multiple targets with the same special aura, then you can reasonably suppose that they're the same type of unusual thing (though this alone does not tell you what that type is).


The Arcane background may optionally be restricted to certain situations. (John's face blends into the crowd, but his paper trail is just like any other. Rose's long blonde hair is easy to remember, but Badwolf.vir.9A has wiped out her computer records.) This will be judgenoted when applicable.


Miles Altus uses the following terms:

Hermetic Enochian is the true ancient language. Speaking this language invariably invokes some form of power, and is thus generally reserved for ritual or instruction. This is treated as a secondary knowledge, generally available only to Hermetic mages; it may be taught to others, but mage staff must judge in person a number of teaching scenes equal to the student's new level (e.g. going from 2 to 3 would require 3 scenes).

Enochian is a degenerate form of the ancient language, primarily descended from information leaked from Hermetic libraries, but without any innate power. Certain New Age cults take it seriously, but the general public doesn't know about it, and wouldn't care if they would. (Compare to the Klingon language.) This is treated as a normal language; it is available to all PCs, but there may be social consequences (positive or negative) for displaying an interest in it.

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