These rules are taken more or less directly from The Book of Shadows, pp. 27 and 134-5.

These rules pertain only to mundane computers. Magickal computers (e.g. those used by some members of the Virtual Adepts or House Thig) are beyond their scope.

All rolls in this post are Intelligence + Computer. A PC with Computer Hacking may use it in place of Computer; this halves hours-per-roll.


Hacking into a computer requires access (in person or by wire), plus time and effort according to these baselines.

Type Hours per roll Difficulty
Laptop 1 5
Desktop 2 6
Mini-computer 3 7
Mainframe 4 8

Number of successes required depends on the following:

  • What information on the computer is relevant?
  • What other information is on the computer?
  • How well or poorly organized is the information?
  • Was any attempt made to hide information? If so, how much time/difficulty will this add?

To create a computer hacking program, make three rolls at difficulty 7; each success, up to a maximum of 6, decreases hours-per-roll and difficulty by 1.

Preventing hacking

To create a computer security program, make three rolls at difficulty 7; each success, up to a maximum of 6, increases hours-per-roll and difficulty by 1. Difficulties above 10 are impossible to hack.

The rule about poor organization increasing difficulty will not be used, though it may increase the number of successes required.

Dedicated computers (e.g. ATMs, military weapon control systems) are +2 difficulty, and record everything they do.

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