The certamen rules from Book of Shadows (pp. 128-34) are in effect, with these clarifications.

  • Quintessence in your locus cannot be spent. Quintessence retained in your body can be spent, but this is rude/illegal depending on venue.
  • Quintessence drained from your opponent's locus is added to you (not your locus). Exception: if you attack with Entropy, then the first dot of Quintessence goes away entirely, and the rest is added to your locus.
  • You may use an action to dissolve your locus and draw it back into yourself. The first to do this is counted as conceding, unless they then attack and beat the opponent before he can dissolve his.
  • If an Aegis is disrupted or destroyed, treat it as 0 for the purpose of any calculations involving the Aegis rating.
  • Corr adds a number of dice equal to your Corr rating.
  • It's debatable whether Mind's +3 difficulty applies only to disarming attempts, or also to regular attacks against the locus. Whenever Mind is used as an Aegis, the ST will privately flip a coin to decide which way it works for that battle. (Mind is a highly ephemeral thing.)
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