Magick Duration and Distance

If an effect involves 4 or more successes for duration and/or distance, then successes for both duration and distance must be accumulated in addition to the successes that contribute to the actual effect being created. If both require 3 or less, then they can be overlapped with the primary effect. This makes small things reasonably easy and big things reasonably difficult.

For reference, here are the standard charts for duration and distance.

Successes Duration
1 One turn
2 One scene
3 One IC day
4 One IC month
5 Six IC months
6 ST discretion, generally unlimited
Successes Distance
1 Line of sight
Blood relation
Body sample
2 Very familiar (home/office)
Best friend
Prized possession
3 Familiar (local mall)
4 Visited once
Anything used once
5 Saw or heard about it
Item touched casually
6 ST discretion, generally anywhere on Earth
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