Hidden True Name Merit

Hidden True Name (4-point merit)

This merit is available to Hermetics, as well as Iteration X agents with a DEI (Digital Enhancement Interface).

The mage's identity has been strongly tied to a protected code name. Without this code name, offensive magick targeting the mage has a minimum range of 'no connection' on the Correspondence Range chart (requires 6 successes, on top of whatever else the magick is attempting to do). This does not apply if the magick is non-offensive, does not target the mage (e.g. it attempts to collapse a wall near him), or if you attack the mage in person (no Correspondence required - but this gives him a much better chance to retaliate). Furthermore, any attempt to counter a ward or ban that targets the mage requires an additional 3 successes.

With the code name, magick targeting the mage has a maximum range of 'very familiar' on the Correspondence Range chart (requires only 2 successes), and -2 difficulty. In addition, any attempt to counter the mage's effects is at +2 dice.

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