Lasting Magick

Permanent and ongoing magickal effects have a cost of some sort, in addition to the cost of setting them in motion in the first place. Mage staff will recommend one of the following options, depending on your paradigm and specific approach. (Permanent magick is encouraged, as it minimizes bookkeeping.)

Permanent magick

Permanent magick is like nailing something to the wall.

  • It requires twice as many successes as casting the same effect temporarily.
  • It does not have a sparkly aura, except while the initial casting is performed.
  • It cannot be unwoven, though someone else can try to cast their own permanent magick with an opposing effect.
  • It is vulgar, unless something prevents it (e.g. Sanctum, Umbra).
  • It costs one XP for each success that goes toward strength (not distance or some other auxiliary thing); it does not require any successes for duration.

Ongoing magick

Ongoing magick is like holding something up to the wall.

  • It requires twice as many successes as casting the same effect temporarily.
  • It has a sparkly aura for the entire duration.
  • It can be unwoven.
  • The duration is as follows, adapted from the standard duration chart (you can choose to shut it down early):
Successes Duration
2 Until end of current scene
3 1 IC day
4 1 IC month
5 6 IC months
6 Until you shut it down

Effort required to maintain

Ongoing effects have a point value, calculated as follows. The meaning of this point value depends on the method used.

  • Each sphere used at level 1 costs 1 point, level 2 costs 10, level 3 costs 100, and so on.
  • Your specialty sphere costs 1/10 the usual amount (minimum 1). This is determined by your Tradition/Convention (you can declare it as being different, but you only get to make that choice once). If you don't belong to a Tradition/Convention, then you don't get a specialty sphere.
  • Anything limited to reacting to other supernatural effects costs 1/10 the usual amount (minimum 1).
  • Each success costs 1 point.

Example: A mental shield reacts to supernatural mind-reading powers (by blocking them). Creating a 6-success shield for yourself (Mind 1) costs 1+6=7 points. Creating a 6-success shield for someone else (Mind 3) costs 10+6=16 points, unless you're an Akashic or other Mind expert, in which case it once again costs 1+6=7 points.

Ways to make the effort

The cost of maintaining an ongoing effect may be paid in any of the following ways, as the caster desires.

Rote strain

The mage devotes a portion of her concentration to maintaining the effect. This is a variation of the standard rule (for every two ongoing effects, further magick is at +1 difficulty) in that minor effects push you toward the limit more slowly, major ones more quickly.

  • Add up the point values from all your ongoing effects.
  • Calculate your strain threshold: N = Arete * Arete * (Avatar+1).
  • For every N points, all further magick is at +1 difficulty.

Example: A mage with Arete 2 and Avatar 2 receives no penalty until he reaches 2*2*3=12 points or more. A mage with Arete 3 and Avatar 3 receives no penalty until he reaches 3*3*4=36 points or more.


The mage channels Quintessence into maintaining the effect.

  • Each ongoing effect costs <point value>/100 units of Quintessence per IC week.
  • If you run out of Quintessence, then you will be moved to the rote-strain method for that IC week.


The mage channels part of a node's Quintessence output into maintaining the effect.

  • You must cast the effect with conjunctional spheres:
    • Prime 3 if the effect targets the node itself
    • Prime 3 Corr 1 if the effect targets something that will stay within line-of-sight of the node
    • Prime 3 Corr 2 otherwise
  • Each ongoing effect reduces the node's output of free Quintessence by <point value>/100 units of Quintessence per IC week. If this would reduce it below zero, then you can't use this method.
  • The sparkly aura gets attached to the node (which has one anyway), not the caster.
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