Posing Magick

Poses that amount to "I wave my focus around and some magick happens" are discouraged. Explaining exactly how you wave it doesn't really help. However, explaining why you wave it that way does help.

The following three-step system is borrowed from several other games. It is not slavishly required for every single thing, but new players may find it useful to build up their intuitive grasp of the sphere.

  1. Performance: What would a mundane observer see you doing? (e.g. "I draw a chalk pentagram on the grounds, and a funny symbol inside each point.")
  2. Action: What are you actually doing, in game-mechanics terms? (e.g. "I cast Spirit 2 to talk to a nearby spirit.")
  3. Theory: What are you actually doing, in terms of your paradigm? (e.g. "I write the name of a type of spirit in Enochian, attempting to provoke its curiosity.")
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