Mage Shields

Space-based shielding/security effects normally include Corr 2, covering (say) an entire house in a single ritual. They may also be created using Corr 1, covering (say) one room of a house per ritual. As usual, the specifics are up to mage staff; hallways will generally be lumped in with one of the adjoining rooms; outdoor areas will be based on line-of-sight and environmental influences on same.

"Ward" is often used to refer to any shielding effect. The rote specifically named Ward (Corr 2 to block scrying of any sort) cannot be jury-rigged in this way. A block against some particular type of scrying, e.g. Prime 2 Corr 2 to block detection of magick, can be jury-rigged as multiple Prime 2 Corr 1 effects.

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