Talisman Background

Talismans are created using the procedure in Mage 2nd, p. 245. (I ran across a claim that Prime 4 is a typo for Prime 3, but also multiple pieces of circumstantial evidence that it isn't. Until/unless someone provides solid evidence, we'll stick with Prime 4.)

Each Talisman needs to be charged with Quintessence. When the charge drops to zero, the Talisman is not permanently ruined, but is powerless until recharged.

I have Forged by Dragon's Fire, but IMO it's way too complicated. You want to use it, you need to prep the math yourself and I'll proofread it.

The base difficulty for detecting a Talisman with Awareness is 9 minus the Talisman's Arete (for active detection, i.e. the person with Awareness is specifically looking for supernatural effects), or 10 minus the Arete (for passive detection, i.e. the person with Awareness is merely in the vicinity of a Talisman).

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