Mages in the Umbra

Getting there

House rule: In non-time-critical situations, the Stepping Sideways rote (Spirit 3) can be hand-waved as if every die succeeds. Basically, this means that someone with Arete 3 can cross a Gauntlet of 6 or lower, 4 can cross 7 or lower, 5 can cross anything. As usual for active rolls, you can spend Willpower for an extra success. (Or you can mundanely travel to somewhere with a lower Gauntlet.)

Once you're there

The following notes are based closely on Mage 2nd, pp. 241-2, and cover the Middle/Near Umbra.

  • All magick is coincidental, even if it says "this is always vulgar" (but not if it explicitly says "this is vulgar even in the Umbra").
  • Time and Forces are +1 difficulty.
  • Affecting ephemeral creatures/objects (natives of the Umbra) with Life/Matter is +3 difficulty; affecting normal creatures/objects (visitors to the Umbra) is normal difficulty. You can create normal creatures/objects with (Life/Matter)/Prime, or ephemeral with Spirit/Prime; either way is at normal difficulty.
  • Prime is -3 difficulty. Thus, the auto-success rule (if difficulty <= Arete, you may take 1 success in lieu of a roll) normally applies to any Prime effect within your ability, including extended rituals (the auto-success rule simply plugs into the house rule for rituals). You may still need/want to roll if something else raises the difficulty, or if you're doing something that requires more successes.
  • Travel depends more on intent and belief than distance or physical movement. Navigation and Correspondence effects require Wits+Cosmology vs 5 to 10 (ST discretion). It helps if you've previously visited the place you're trying to find. Getting lost is a Bad Thing, as many of the paths through the mists feature spirit guards and/or other hazards.
  • Adepts and Masters of the Spirit sphere practically glow like beacons with their knowledge. This is not necessarily a good thing.
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