Mage Applications

Please e-mail your background and stats to the Mage Wizard (+finger Ozymandias). We will explain any questions, omissions, problems, and work them out with you, until you are ready to be approved.

Please use the following section names when setting your background (e.g. '+bg/set origin=<text>'). This allows us to find this information quickly, either for our own story-telling reference, or when another PC runs a background check or otherwise investigates your PC. You may include other sections as well, e.g. 'origin2' if your Origin is more than a screenful of text, or just '1' '2' '3' if you want to narrate part of your background history in free-form prose or whatever.

  • Origin - What was your life like as a youth? What was your family like?
  • Education - What levels of education have you attempted/completed? If you attended college/university, what was your major? This may also include grade school, junior high, high school, trade school, on-the-job training, continuing education, and so forth.
  • Influences - What people, encounters, and inspirations have had a significant influence on your life, particularly your journey toward and beyond Awakening? Why were they significant?
  • Awakening - When did you Awaken? What triggered it? What was your life like during the first few months after you Awakened?
  • Seekings - For each dot of Arete above 1, describe a successful Seeking, and explain how it expanded your paradigm. Other significant mage-related events after your Awakening can also be described here.
  • Transition - Why have you come to Hot Springs?
  • Paradigm - How do you perceive the world as working? How do you perceive your magick as working?
  • Foci - How do you perceive each of your spheres as working? What is your focus for it, and how do you use that focus? If a focus is unneeded and/or unique, please document it. Answering these questions for spheres that you do not yet possess is optional, and you may revise your answers when you learn those spheres.
  • Avatar - What is your Avatar's appearance and personality? Remember, the more dots you have in Avatar, the more active influence it should hold over your life.
  • Backgrounds - Detail each of your backgrounds (other than Avatar).
  • Goals - Include at least one short-term (could possibly be achieved within your first month on the grid), one medium-term (could take several months to a year), and one long-term (could take years to decades).
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