Not all Tradition mages join a chantry; they may not want to, or they may not be allowed to. Conversely, some chantries accept Orphans as members, and some Orphans take them up on the offer. Rumor has it that a few Orphans even create their own chantries, or at least try.

Here are some common aspects that affect these decisions.

  1. Infiltration. All chantries are potential victims of subtle infiltration by Nephandi and/or Technocrats. (Marauders are not particularly known for subtlety.) Thus, many chantries ask all newcomers to be scanned in some fashion (and are likely more tight-lipped around anyone who declines), or at least any newcomers who express interest in joining the local chantry. Such a request is not generally considered inappropriate, though you may have some specific reason to refuse (e.g. the other PC gives you a bad vibe, you had a bad experience in the past, you fear the scan would be detected by someone pursuing you).
  2. Resources. Magickal resources (nodes, Horizon realms, libraries, etc.) are often scarce. Chantries are often founded around the availability of such resources, and are not generally obligated to share with non-members (but are generally obligated to protect them against possible intruders). Accessing such resources without going through a chantry is possible, but generally difficult.
  3. Information. There's often a lot of it kicking around, and chantries have to work to keep all their members properly informed, much less non-members. Keeping informed of supernatural events without going through a chantry is possible, but generally difficult.
  4. Population and OOC scheduling. It's natural to want to get to know some chantry members before deciding whether to join, but meeting all of them may be OOCly impractical. Practical compromises (e.g. hand-waving some off-camera meetings) are suggested.
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