Mage Feature Characters

Applications for mage feature characters are currently open.

Rule of thumb for mage power levels (staff has final discretion):

  1. 15 freebies - Standard starting level for new characters.
  2. Equivalent of about 50 freebies - May be approved for transfers.
  3. Equivalent of about 100 freebies, or Arete 4 at chargen, or Arete 5 post-chargen - Subject to feature requirements.

Requirements to get and keep a feature

  • At least one mage staffer knows you from here and/or elsemu*. Strangers will not be approved.
  • At least one of your IC goals requires being a feature. "Teaching" does not qualify.
  • Top-quality application.
  • Regular activity (staff discretion, no fixed hours-per-week requirement).
  • Initiate sphere RP - do not wait for it to come to you.
  • Staff will target you with TPs - accept them and respond to them.
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