Mage Sourcebooks

The following books are supported, until/unless something comes to mage staff's attention as being out of whack, at which point it will be houseruled. If you have something here that you specifically plan to use if/when a certain type of situation comes up, then you may want to mention it in advance and make sure that it really will be okay. Some of this stuff shows up in the chargen support code (e.g. '+stats/list talents' etc.), some doesn't (will be added on request).

  • Tradition books: Rotes. (I only have the 3rd ed version of the Akashic book.)
  • Akashics: Do special moves and rotes, Folk Hero (merit), Judge's Wisdom (merit), Ontological Pacifism (flaw), Strategy (knowledge), Body Control (knowledge).
  • Book of Shadows: Do special moves and rotes.
  • Spirit Ways: Rotes, Fetishes and Talismans, merits and flaws, Totem (background).
  • Order of Hermes: Hidden True Name merit.
  • Sons of Ether: Devices. (I also have Forged by Dragon's Fire, but IMO it's way too complicated.)
  • Guide to the Technocracy: abilities, merits and flaws, backgrounds, rotes, Devices.
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