Mike Callahan
Mike Callahan
Portrayed By Heath Ledger
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 1, 1991
Age 23
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Place of Birth Boulder, CO, USA
Occupation Bartender
Significant Other Athena, off and on




Seeming Wilder

Mike Callahan isn't his real name, and Callahan's Crosstime Saloon isn't really a gathering place for time travelers and aliens and other strange souls. But people seem to like it well enough all the same.

Well, okay, the "other strange souls" part is real after all.



  • June 1991: Born in Boulder.
  • April 2015: Moved to Denver.
  • April-June 2014: Helped explore the unknown reaches of the Dreaming leading from Summergold to Winterhaven.
  • June 2014: Met Athena for the first time.
  • July 17, 2014: Highsummer Night. Jumped on by childlings. And a monkey. It's so hard to tell the difference once they get going.
  • October 4, 2014: Pennons. Hosted at Callahan's.
  • December 2014: Opening of the Blue Phoenix art gallery. Later, helps defend Winterhaven as it's attacked by wyverns and wargs.


  • Athena: Flighty. Flirts shamelessly with Mike, who goes along with it, but doesn't know that it's going anywhere long-term. Owns a pet spider monkey named Simon. Used to date Henry. Rumored to have dated Chris.
  • Chris: Currently dating Kaylee. Rumored to have dated Athena. Also rumored to have loved a woman who died before he could say so. In other words, a scoundrel.
  • Devlin: Blacksmith. Do they still have those? Royal Marine vet. Widower. Now married to Lilias. Four-story house. Knows his liquor. Paints. Owns a Widowmaker.
  • Erik: Silent Bob type. On the rare occasion that he speaks, it's usually very loud.
  • Henry: Also flighty. Used to date Athena.
  • Kaylee: Currently dating Chris. Good ears.
  • Kearney: Classical violinist. Do they still have those? Outside the Philharmonic, I mean.
  • Lilias: Devlin's wife. Librarian. Rumor has it that this profession is more interesting than commonly realized.
  • Lye: Fag hag. Also flirts with Mike, but more in the bad-ass "I'd stab you in the liver right when it was getting good" sense.
  • Mada: Bookish student. Wears a mask, apparently to cover up a scar.
  • Melissa: Shane's wife. Outgoing.
  • Oswald: Another classical violinist. Apparently they do.
  • Renate: Young mother. Interests include baking and ginger ale, not necessarily in combination.
  • Sara: Notable for being even shorter than Mike is. Also flighty. Plays the flute. Quiet, but a decent singer in spite of it.
  • Shane: Melissa's husband. Only outgoing while drunk on flaming shots, but the wait is worth it.
  • Tahiyya: Another student.
  • Thom: Lost a darts contest to Sara because he couldn't keep his eyes off her corset. Claims to be an English teacher. A typically stodgy school board would sack him in a heartbeat, so either the one here has a sense of humor, or he's lying.
  • Victoria: Runs an art gallery. Singing voice stamped from the same mold as Sara's.
  • Vienna: Impulsive but well-meaning.


  • "Euclid would roll over in his grave if he could see this."
  • "I've broken a mirror or two, but it's not really the same."
  • "…I may be able to make at least one or two of you smell like turnips. Or lamb's quarters, all those sharp little points."
  • "It's a strange bird indeed that can't manage to look good in black, wouldn't you agree?"
  • "You don't glow in the dark yourself, do you?"
  • "Do you have to put red on one wing and green on the other, so we can tell which way you're going?"
  • "Arsenic and old lace? I didn't think they were in season yet."
  • "Hand me that crowbar, would you? I think I know just the crows it needs to be used on."


  • Owns a fairy chess set, consisting of a hand-carved archbishop and chancellor added to a standard set of wooden pieces.
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