Players may have a maximum of two supernatural PCs plus however many mortals they can manage. PCs belonging to the same player should avoid contact; evidence of inappropriate sharing between PCs of the same player will get all that player's PCs tossed.

Sphere wizards may not have PCs in their own sphere, but may have PCs in other spheres. Sphere admins may have PCs within their sphere with permission of the wizard. General RP staff and non-RP staff (building, code, etc.) may have PCs in any sphere but may not judge or approve things involving their PC. A staffer who has a PC is expected to keep those roles separate. No information or advantage gained as staff should be conveyed to their PC(s). If a staffer's PC is found to be benefitting from their knowledge/position as staff, the staffer and their PC(s) will be tossed.

Staff PCs may, at the discretion of their sphere wiz, take on IC leadership roles within their sphere (though this is not encouraged). The progression of staff PCs will be monitored by the head wiz and/or other 3rd party staff. In the case of the Head Wiz, any sphere wiz may overrule them in any matter concerning their PC to ensure fairness and ethical play. Evidence of staff PCs receiving inappropriate IC advancement or favor will result in both the receiving staffer and their PC's wiz (who is doing the favoring) getting tossed.

NPCs are not to be treated as surrogate staff PCs. Sphere NPCs will be marked as such. Staff should keep sufficient records of their sphere NPCs to allow other staffers to play them when necessary.

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