Player expectations

All social situations involve following certain rules of behavior so that everyone can get along and have a good time. Playing here is no different. We all learned this stuff in kindergarten, so none of it should come as a surprise. Still, we are calling out a few expectations specific to this environment:

  1. Avoid vulgarities on channels and in public OOC areas. This includes sexual innuendo as well as George Carlin's Seven Words and their cousins.
  2. Your character may be rude, obnoxious, and nasty, but leave it IC. OOC, be polite.
  3. Treat staff and other players with respect.
  4. Keep IC and OOC separate.
  5. Don't play while drunk, high, or otherwise mentally diminished.

In other words, be civil. Don't be a jerk.

Staff expectations

In addition to following the previous expectations, staff must also:

  1. Hear both sides of an argument.
  2. Be fair and impartial. Treat all players equally.
  3. Keep PC and staff roles separate in all ways.
  4. Respond to @mail and requests in a timely fashion.
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