Inactive PCs are periodically removed from the game. This has various benefits: frees up the name for use by someone else, smaller database, more accurate +census, helps staff and players focus on the active PCs.

Unapproved PCs that have not logged in for 20 days will be automatically flagged for removal. Approved PCs will be flagged after 30 days, unless they are flagged as being on vacation (this flag must be set by staff).

When a PC is flagged, staff will send a reminder to their e-mail address (if one was provided). If they do not log in for another 10 days, then they are removed.

Staff will retain a @decompile of removed PCs (and their building projects, if they are also removed), and will provide it to the removed PC on request.

Removed PCs may generally return to the game on request, provided that the name is still available.

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