A note for all players about Privacy: There is none on the net.

That said, players will likely be left alone to their private interactions. If we need to, we will turn on logging. Reasons for doing so include major code bug we can't track down or a suspicion of a specific player attempting to damage the game or hack code. Such times as we find a need to do so, we will use the utility. If something you pose ends up in a log taken because we were debugging or protecting the game, it's just an incidental thing.

On the same topic, sometimes Wizards will be observing scenes dark. Or they might have a forwardlist on a room that catches the poses there. Your pages to each other would then be private, but you should know there are times when you might walk into a scene and the players there before you asked a Wiz to hang out and watch and they may be dark. Staff will not barge in and for the most part should have no problem asking permission to join scenes and then announcing they are there to players. But as with all things on the net, circumstances may change or people make mistakes. If you have a concern about this, feel free to @mail any staffer to talk about it.

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