When staff are unavailable, PCs may judge their own scenes, subject to these rules (and the spirit thereof):

  1. All PCs present must consent to the judgments. No PC may be pressured into consenting.
  2. All PCs involved should describe the event to their sphere staff (submitting a log is preferred), and all accounts must OOCly agree.
  3. The scene cannot significantly affect anything other than the PCs involved. No taking over the world, creating wards on your home, creating a new species of butterfly, or catching that serial killer who's been on the loose.
  4. Staff will retcon the scene if one of the above rules is violated, or if they otherwise find it necessary to do so. They will do so as soon as possible, but need not state the reason (e.g. it may pertain to a TP).
  5. The judgments do not necessarily establish precedent for future staff judgments.
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