Staff Organization

We've organized the staff under RP-related and non-RP-related areas.

The Head Wiz is responsible for non-RP related tasks. That means tasks like code, site admin, etc. The Head Wiz won't be judging (though if someone needs them to log a scene or witness a roll, they can email such to RP staff) and will be the last appeal when a player has a complaint about RP staff.

The RP wizards will deal with all RP-related tasks as a council. Setting up House Rules, working out inconsistencies, judging, etc. They have agreed to work by consensus. In the case of a problem they can't agree on, they can turn to the Head Wiz for a ruling.

It is our hope that the players will find this a neutral, fair, and ethical division of power which makes them feel comfortable in this game. If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to send them to any of the staff.

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