Troupe Style

Miles Altus promotes a troupe-style of RP.

We don't take PCs whose only purpose in life is to screw with other PCs. Consider all the PCs the equivalent of an "ensemble cast" to the storyline. As play develops, the goal is to have the biggest conflicts be generated by NPCs so that when it comes to a threat players will feel free to have their PCs pull together to meet the threat.

Some Examples of what we will not approve as PCs include most of the deadly antagonists to the spheres like Shadow Courtiers, BSDs, Nephandi. Your character doesn't have to like all the other characters. But we expect conflict to be handled maturely by the players. Players who are disruptive to the point where staff agree they are a detriment to the game will be asked to change their behavior or leave. Unlike a competitive sport, this game is more cooperative and isn't meant to generate winners or losers.

See each sphere's news postings for details and try to make your PC fit into the theme we have developed.

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