XP Spends

We don't want to be uber restrictive about XP spends and in a lot of ways gaining the XP is a way of spacing out the timing of XP spends. So, to that end, we are going to use the following XP Spending Rules:

  1. You can make four XP spends per month, no more than 1 in any given category. The Categories are as follows:
    • Attributes
    • Skills
    • Talents
    • Knowledges (Lores count as Knowledges)
    • Powers (Spheres/Arts/Gifts/Realms/Rites)
  2. Other forms of stats like pools, backgrounds, etc will be handled on an RP basis by your Sphere wiz and given only if the proper RP has occurred.
  3. A justification is still needed (you can't simply "practice" if that is insufficient). For instance, Medicine 1 (advanced first aid) + just "practice" will not get you to Medicine 4 (surgery); you will still need to go to medical school or something reasonably comparable.

Successful training by another PC justifies anything; successful research can also justify some things.

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