Party Central

Dramatis Personae
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Summary: Verbing. And kissing. And more singing.

IC Date: early October 2014
OOC Date: May 6, 2008

Party Central

Callahan's Crosstime Saloon, Lakewood

Sara hmmms, "There are still games to go. At least a few drinking challenges that haven't resolved. And the chess games are still going." she murmurs to Mada next to the bar. "Oh, there's Thom again. Should we go join him? They're still trying to find that dart…" and she'll wave to Mike to refresh her soft drink when he gets a chance, but won't call out for it over the noise in the bar tonight.

(Thom sits down at Table near the Fireplace.)

Not even Thom's sharp ears can catch Sara's whispers over the general din of the pub, at least not at this distance, and so he sits and nurses his drink, eyes far away and thoughtful, unaware that he may soon have some company.

Mada nods her head, "Of course, let us go and see him." She grabs her soda water and lime, following Sara across the bar.

Devlin slips into the place, though the door does perhaps get a more than firm shutting as Devlin forgets to be gentle with it. Looking around he then moves to find a seat at the bar, ordering something foamy and good.

(Devlin sits down at Bar.)

Mike gets back around to Sara's table after a minute or so; he's engaged in a game of fairy chess (complete with hand-carved archbishop and chancellor) with a burly fellow in a white lab coat.

Sara smiles to Mike, gives a nod, and picks up her drink to head on over toward the fireplace with Mada, giving a wave toward Thom as they get closer.

Thom catches a hint of movement out of the corner of one blue eye, and blinks as he sees Sara approaching, little red dress and all. He smiles a bit wanly, but twiddles his fingers at her.. though he seems to relax when noticing she's bringing Mada along, and he sits up straighter, motioning to the empty seats at his table. "Welcome to party central, Miss Nevyn, Miss Mada.. won't you join me?", he invites.

(Sara sits down at Table near the Fireplace.)

(Athena has arrived.)

Sara takes a seat with a nod of thanks to Thom. Carefully takes the seat. "Any other competitions that anyone is hoping to get into, tonight?" she'll ask the two she's with.

Mada sits down at the offered seat, crossing her legs and bowing her head to Thom. "Greetings to you this evening, sir. I see this place is hopping. A lot of good games going on?"

Devlin sips his beer, turning on his stool to watch Sara be stared at by Thom, snickering a bit to himself and then waving to Mada when she looks in his general direction.

Thom chuckles softly and shakes his head at Sara, only glancing at her in short looks, then back around. "No, I think I've had my rear handed to me enough for one evening, Miss Nevyn. But I suppose defeat doesn't sting quite so badly when it comes from you.", he adds, with a little smile, before turning his attention towards Mada. "More than I can count.. looks like everyone's in a competitive mood this evening. Me, I'm all competed out, I think."

Mada nods her head and raises her glass once more, "Then I hope you did well, or at least better than normal." She takes a sip of her drink through the straw and then notices Devlin, giving him a wave.

Athena comes inside and she heads over to Sara with a bounce in her step. "Hey Sister. How goes?"

Devlin grins a bit and then says, "Maybe you should challenge Sara to arm wrestling then? You might win at that?" He sips his beer again and then says, "I can't play that though, it might be considered cheating."

Sara reaches out a hand gently to Athena. A fleeting, gentle touch on the other woman's hand as she gets near. "I won the Darts." she says with a quick wink. Devlin's comment gets a blink as it seems rather strange in the moment. But then she turns back to Thom and murmurs, "Did anyone ever tell you about what happened on Valentine's day?"

"And I still say she cheated..", quips Thom in response to Sara's mention of winning the Darts competition, then adds, smiling ruefully, ".. but I'll take my defeat gracefully.. and simply get her back later.", he adds, with a wink at Athena. Devlin's comment gets a raised eyebrow from him, and he chuckles. "With the way my luck's been going? She'll probably break my wrist.. I won't take my chances.", he adds, and then smiles at Mada. He seems about to say something, but then there's Sara, murmuring to him about Valentine's day. "Whu..? Ahh.. not that I can remember clearly.."

Athena grins at Sara, "You are the awesomesationest! That so rawks!" She holds a fist toward Sara's mouth and asks interview style, "So tell me Miss Sara, how does it feel to be a celebrity dartist?"

Mada tilts her head a little bit, letting Sara speak on Valentines and goes back to sipping her soda.

Devlin leans back against the bar, watching Athena tease Sara now and then comments to Thom, "Well, not sure what other contests are left that fall within the bounds of good taste and are legal in public."

(Victoria has arrived.)

Sara blinks as the fist is in her face and murmurs, "I feel like I'm in the presence of Ruby Rod…" At least she didn't give a one word answer as she tries to think of something to say.

Thom raises his drink in Devlin's direction. "I'm done with contests for tonight, my good sir.. the only one remaining is the one between this drink and my ability to form complete sentences.", he calls, and grins, before glancing back at Sara and Athena, still curious about Valentine's.

Tipping his king over in submission, Mike freshens up some more glasses, then walks up behind Athena and pantomimes an old-style camera: one hand holding it steady, the other turning a hand crank to move the film through the gears. Smile, Sara, you're on Callahan Camera!

Athena grins at Sara and winks to Thom and the others. She still holds her fist there, "Awesomesation! Now please, tell all of your fans about Valentines!"

Mada shakes her head, "Awesomesation? Is…is that even a word?"

Devlin says, "Is the Librarian Society going to come pounce her and take away her card?" He snickers and then says, "Course, they might take away Sara's too, with what she's wearing."

Victoria comes in, and, as last time, pauses hesitantly by the entrance. On recognizing some familiar faces, she proceeds in. "Hello," she says in her soft-spoken tone as she approaches the group.

Sara ooohs and has to take a breath, turning to Mada. "Athena speaks her own language. The rest of us just have to catch up sometime." before giving a wave to Victoria and gesturing her over. Turning back to Thom she murmurs, "Well, Valentine's day. Athena and Renate were both there. See … there was this ball and I really, really hoped a certain person would ask me to the ball. In the end, he told me it was better to be just friends." and she shrugs. "But something happened when I went anyway…" and she pauses to take a drink from her glass.

Thom nods sagely at Mada. "It is.. I'm an English teacher. It's right after Absofreakinlutely and before Beertastic!", he explains, and then, by way of demonstration, takes a swig of his beer. He then listens to Sara's story with a mix of interest and confusion. "I.. see? And what was that?"

Victoria orders a drink (tequila sunrise) and settles herself with the others. "Ah, Valentine can be a fickle saint, ne?" Then, narrowing her eyes at Thom: "Absolutelybeertasticah, just what, pray, did I miss?"

Mada looks at Victoria and says, "Apparently I am learning new words."

"We're Englishing creatively," Mike adds helpfully, nodding first at Thom and then at Mada.

Victoria groans, in a manner not unlike a reaction to a bad pun. "Speaking of English and words, when did 'English' become a verb?"

"It got verbed. Verbing weirds language.", Thom explains helpfully to Victoria, and winks, before turning back to Sara, curious about the end of her story.. curious enough to actually ignore her dress for a moment, even.

Sara can't help but blush just a little. "Well, I was feeling pretty miserable and sitting in a corner by myself." she continues to speak softly. At least the louder people from earlier seem to be running out of wind or maybe the drinks are finally taking some affect. "And then Chris came by, and tricked me into a kiss." and she squirms just a little as she looks toward Thom, "It was like fireworks going off around me, literally. Someone as plain as I am getting kissed by someone so utterly pretty … such a surprise." and she lifts a finger, twirling it around her head.

Devlin grins at Sara, "Hey, playing the dating lotto isn't so bad. I'm plain and I ended up with Lily. That's like winning the $300 million powerball thing. At least on my side anyway."

Mada chuckles and takes a sip of her soda water again, "Yeah, like you're so ugly."

Athena sighs a little when Sara talks of Chris kisses. She kinda lets her hand drop a tiny bit before she brings the microphone hand back under Sara's chin, "So… what's all the giddyishness about all that mean anyway?"

Thom blinks a little at Sara's words, not quite knowing what to say, it seems, until he finally murmurs "Whoever told you you're plain, Miss Nevyn, clearly needed new glasses.", and then sips his beer. A moment's pause, and then he smiles, a bit wanly. "I've no doubt love is just around the corner for you, my dear Miss Nevyn. It'll hit you when you least expected.", he adds.

Mike sets down the invisible camera, drumming his fingers on the counter. "I think we might have another idea for a contest there, Theena, what do you think?"

Devlin glances at Mike and says, "The Widowmaker? I wanna play! I actually have one, just never set up the poles to toss it over."

Another moment's pause, and Thom glances at Sara again, but when he smiles this time, it's a softer, warmer smile. He doesn't say anything, or at least it doesn't seem like he does, but merely nods his head at her quietly before sipping his beer once more.

Athena looks to Mike curiously and stops with her pretend mic. "Oh? Contest? What sort of contest?"

Sara listens to Thom and has to turn away and avert her eyes at the earnestness of his comments. She nods a little bit and then enjoys the chance to change the subject and tells Athena, "I think a Chris kissing contest. Personally, I want to see how Mike reacts from a Chris Kiss."

Mada blinks a bit and shakes her head, "I am not sure what you mean, my friend, are you speaking of a beauty contest?"

Thom chuckles a bit at Mada's words, and pipes up quickly. "No, no beauty contests.. wouldn't be fair to the other contestants if I entered. I'm too pretty to live, don't you know?", he teases, shifting in his seat and growing a tiny bit more relaxed, it seems, after that odd little exchange with Sara.

Mike purses his lips at Sara's comment. "We-el, that's partly what I had in mind. Maybe a leetle bit more generalized." He looks to Devlin and shakes his head: "Only if you're willing to chip in on the roof insurance. Otherwise it'll have to wait for a sunny afternoon."

Victoria's eyebrow twitches as if in reaction to something and she gives Thom a look that passes for just a heartbeat or so. She takes a swig of her drink and says softly to Mada, "Beauty contest? Um, I don't think I can compete with some of the competition in that."

Athena wrinkles her nose, "I don't do Chris kissing contests."

Devlin ohs and says, "Yeah well, not exactly an indoor sport. What did you have in mind then? If it's arm wrestling, I can't do that…smithing gives me an unfair advantage."

Sara gestures to Athena, "She's one of the best dancers I know." with a mischievous tone of whisper.

Mada says, "Well, I for one do not plan on kissing Chris any time soon, even if it is for a contest. The man creeps me out a little bit."

Mike scratches his head, turning to Athena. "Care to give a demonstration? We've got enough room for that, at least, push the chairs back."

Thom quiets down for the moment.. if he caught Victoria's look, he's certainly doing a good job of not showing it. He nurses his beer, instead, watching the others discuss what the next contest might be, if only so he can come up with a proper excuse to not participate.

Athena shakes her head at Sara with a blink. "Oh no, Sis. Don't go getting me all into this! I don't do that! No contests! No dancing! No nuthin'. No love. Only hugs. And I'm due to melt at any given moment. I'm gonna turn into a puddle… Very messy… I need a hug."

(Devlin stands and leaves Bar.)

Sara stands up and reaches out a little tentatively toward Athena, "Oh, big sister … you don't want to make such a mess. Mike will make the rest of us clean it up!" as she teases the other woman.

Mada reaches over and places an arm around Athena, "A hug for you then, since your sister is being so very wicked."

Mike lifts up the movable flap in the counter, steps across, and - reaching one hand into a nearby glass of ice - drops one of the cubes down the front of Athena's top. And then moves in for a dipsmooch, lowering her slowly to the floor before finally letting go. Hey, you pull the same gag on him three times, you're asking for escalation!

Thom was likely about to make a snarky comment regarding Sara's wickedness.. but then Mike's doing his thing, and he blinks, then laughs brightly. "Oh.. my.."

Athena passes out hugs and then she's squealing with the dipsmootch and her legs buckle instead of staying straight and she goes plop onto the floor wriggling out of Mike's arms. "Don't!" She even looks almost offended and stuff for about three seconds. And then she's laughing. Hard. Right there on the floor.

Sara sits back down shaking her head, "Mike, if you cause the puddle on the floor, you can't make us clean it up."

Mada chuckles and sips her own drink, becoming the wallflower that she is famous for.

Victoria looks at the sudden displays of affection and grins a bit. "You see how much good a good hug can do, now? Now, don't start oozing just yet. Not while the place still has a million other maniacs scurrying around."

Thom chuckles at Sara's words, then blinks and grins at Victoria. "Hey, I don't scurry!"

Sara takes another drink and murmurs, "Samhain is coming. Mike, are you going to host another party? There could be quite a different tone of party that night compared to tonight."

Mike gets down on both knees, offering Athena a hand up once she starts to recover. "I could," he replies, "but that's usually a time for outdoor parties, isn't it? Rile up the crowds."

Victoria raises an eyebrow. "Let's not get too mischievous, now. A little goes a long way. Keep it good harmless fun and all that, right?"

Athena lets herself be helped up and then she just fishes the ice out and hugs Mike afterward. Okay, there's a bit of skin to be seen as she fishes it out but hey… hard for it not to be.

Thom polishes off the last of his beer, and chuckles lightly. "Oh, I know exactly what I'll be doing come Samhain.", he declares, and gives Sara a casual smile.

Sara shivers a bit, looking down at her hands in her lap, "I'm not exactly a fan of being outside that night. I'll probably just find a quiet place." she whispers down toward the table top.

Mada takes another sip of her drink.

Victoria says to Sara, "It can't be all that bad." After a pause she starts singing, reasonably competently:

From the west comes old Death
A-riding on the storm
with hungry eyes for funeral fires
to burn til the morrows dawn
For 'tis the night, here come the dead
unbound from the Underworld
and the children dress as the babes of hell
and all the boys and all the girls
and the fires shall burn
and the dead come back home—on Samhain!

Athena blinks at Mike and she smiles and shakes her head at him a couple times, "You're evil."

Mike draws back and blinks. "Who, me? No. I'm a harmless little fuzzball." With a grin, he reaches for a hand towel and starts mopping up whatever got spilled on the counter. The floor can be dealt with later, after there are no longer a bunch of people underfoot.

Thom grins at Victoria. "Not bad.. but of course, you forgot the *official* song of Samhain..", he says, and clears his throat, then intones

It's close to midnight… and something evil's lurking in the dark
Under the moonlight.. you see a sight that almost stops your heart
You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it
You start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes,
You're paralyzed..

he sings, and then grins wickedly, and in a rather terrible imitation of Michael Jackson, sings

Cause this is thriller, thriller night!

Mada continues to enjoy the company of her friends as they make small talk and joke with one another. She simply drinks from her glass, listening to the singing and the laughing.

Victoria says, "Yeah, thriller. And that nine hundred thousand dollar video is going to be all over the telly for the next three weeks, no doubt."

Athena covers her ears at the bad singing and she grins though. "Ow. Ears hurt! Ow the pain! It burns! It stings even!"

Thom sticks his tongue out at Athena. "I'll have you know, once upon a time, I was considered one of the Great Tenors of our Age. I'm just.. rusty.", he says, and sniffs, then, glancing over to Sara, he leans over and murmurs "It's all this clean living I do.. it's hell on the vocal chords."

"My song about Samhain night is a little different." Sara murmurs, glancing from one to the other. "But no one would hear it unless I took Kaylee's microphone again."

Victoria says to Sara, "Hey, I was barely audible myself, y'know?"

Mada nods her head, "She is right, Sara. You can go ahead and sing it."

Thom smiles teasingly at Sara. "I'll just lean in close so as not to miss it.", he tells her, and then his smile turns to a more wicked grin. "Unless you'd rather I sing the rest of 'Thriller'."

Sara stands up at that. She won't sing sitting down and so steps up to the microphone and turns it on. Clearing her throat, she gives people a chance to quiet a little bit out of curiosity as she pauses. A glance around, and she gets up close, her lips almost touching the device as she projects her whisper into it the first verse…

When the moon on a cloud cast night
Hung above the tree tops' height
You sang me of some distant past
That made my heart beat strong and fast
Am I truly home at last?

You offered me an eagle's wing
That to the sun I might soar and sing
And if I heard the owl's cry
Into the forest I would fly
And in its darkness find you by.

A moment she hums, a capella singing seems to be something she likes to do. After the song bridge, she finishes, still very softly of voice…

Yet true love is not a simple thing
Nor are truths unwavering
Like the moon's pull on the tide
If our fingers touch will our hearts collide?
Will I be a moonsbreath by your side?

…and then she bows her head and turns off the microphone.

This time, Thom is a little more prepared for Sara's seductive whispers, and while his attention is, indeed, rapt on the girl on stage (and who wouldn't be, have you *seen* what she's wearing?), at least this time he remembers to breathe. Once the song ends, he lets out a soft breath, and applauds, though gently, tilting his head to the side in thought as he watches her.

Mada applauds as well, her gloved hands making a deep thudding noise as they strike one another. "Very nice, very nice indeed."

Athena smiles as she listens and she stays for all of it. And as people cheer, she grins and lifts a hand and waves to her Sister and slips outside…

Victoria applauds. "Well done."

Sara comes back to the table and gives a little curtsy, "Thank you." she whispers with a smile. "Just a little something I learned once upon a time."

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