Shifter Restricted Abilities

Here is a list of things Poison Ivy does not want to see here on Miles Altus. Those that are banned are not up for discussion - restricted are available but only with extreme rarity and requiring excellent justification.



  • Water from the Silver Lake


  • Klaives



  • Charmed Existence
  • Corporation CEO
  • Metamorph
  • Silver Tolerance


  • Untamable

Also, we are not using the First Ed Planetary Aspects, both merits and flaws.



  • Dormant Wisdom
  • Clouds and Rain


  • Silver Forge
  • Fetish

This is not an exhaustive list, and we reserve the right to ban or restrict additional entries without prior notice.


The following conditions are unlikely to be approved.

Restricted but possible

  • Pure Breed higher than 3
  • Fetish higher than 2

Only approved for a feature application

  • Any attribute or ability at 5.
  • Any more than three '4's between the attributes and abilities.
  • Gnosis over 4 if homid or metis, or 7 if lupus.
  • Willpower higher than 7.
  • Rage higher than 6.
  • Resources higher than 3 (Garou) or 4 (Kin).

Starting with lore of other races is highly improbable, with the exception of other shifting breeds. All Garou get Garou Lore 3 and Shifter Lore 1 for free. A maximum of one point in the lore of any other changing breed is permitted, anything else will have to be earned in game. Garou Kin get Garou Lore 1 - 3 depending on app.

Any applications that wish to start with lore pertaining to other spheres should include that sphere's staff in discussion of the application.

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