Shifter Theme

The theme of the shifter sphere is the classic theme of civilization versus savagery. The shifters are neither man nor beast, but a cross between both. They are neither flesh nor spirit, but a hybrid of both. They protect the raw nature of Gaia, while civilization paves everything around them. Gnosis attunes the shifter to his world. When it dies, he rages. When it grows, he finds peace. As well, rage sings beneath the flesh of the shifter and colors everything they do with the savage bestial edge. Rage is the double edged sword, a shifter's best friend and worst enemy. When will the day come that you lose control and the rational mind is subjugated to the beast? When will you Rage? Where will you find the balance?

OOC Note: All the players of Miles Altus shifter sphere will have a separate background section detailing their pc's attitude towards his conflicted position in the world. How does your character see civilization? How does he see the wild spaces? How does he suffer for his rage and gnosis, and how does he enjoy its benefits?

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