Technocratic Strategy

There are six Precepts of Damian. Look for ways to pursue all of them. (Okay, certain groups will emphasize some over the others.)

In particular, Precept #5 is not a mandate for a Technocrat to PK anyone who might be a super, any more than high Rage is a mandate for a shifter to PK anyone who annoys them a bit. Apply some common sense, for example:

  • Nephandi, Marauders: "Wipe them out. All of them." Heck, the Traditionalists might even help you, or at least avoid getting in your way.
  • Traditionalists: "Rule through the fear of force, rather than force itself." In many cases, their paranoia will keep them in line for you. If so, then just keep an eye on them; they may lead you to someone else who is making trouble.
  • Orphans: As Traditionalists, but recruitment may be a viable option in some cases.
  • Non-mages: As Traditionalists, but they tend to have their own groups of antagonists, so don't be too eager to divert resources unless the situation truly calls for it.
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