Wider downtown roads turn into narrow, tree-lined streets here as the speed of life slows down just a bit. Stately old homes dominate this solidly residential neighborhood, though a central downtown-type area is also home to a wide variety of small businesses: boutique shops, cafes and restaurants, single or dual proprietor law, dental, and doctor's offices, and so on.

The area is prosperous and the state of the buildings shows it; they are all well cared for and in good repair in spite of their age. Large houses with big yards line the main streets. Most of them have been turned into multi-family dwellings. The rest remain in the hands of single owners or have been turned over to historical societies for use as museums. Smaller, single-family homes fill the side streets. Parking is always at a premium everywhere in the neighborhood.

The business district shows its historic character just as proudly as the purely residential streets. Though there have been a few modern buildings put in over the years, most of the businesses make use of old storefronts, townhouses, or even converted homes. All signage and window displays have a certain (probably mandated) sense of taste and class.

It's typical to see people out and about in this neighborhood. Joggers, dog walkers, roller bladers, bikers, even children on sleds during the snowy months get plenty of use of the sidewalks during the day and into the evening.

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